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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  June 6, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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causes and we want to make sure they can do that. >> and for the first part of the day it will look all right. and i want to mention garret county, maryland, under tornado watch until 3:00 and flash flood watch >> chris: i'm chris wallace and this is "fox news sunday." the gulf oil spill, day 48. where do efforts stand to cover up the leak? what progress is being made to clean up the mess? we'll get a report from the region and we'll talk with admiral thad allen, the white house point man on the crisis. and mississippi governor haley barbour. then that israeli raid on a ship heading to gaza. will israel bow to international pressure and ease its blockade? we'll ask michael oren, israel's ambassador to the
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u.s. also with criticism mounting over white house handling of the oil spill and two botched political deals, we'll ask our sunday panel how the daunted obama team turned into the gang that couldn't shoot straight. and our power players of the week. offering words of wisdom to the class of 2010. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. we are following two developing stories. overnight, as fox news first reported, two terror suspects were arrested in new york as they were about to leave the country. correspondent david lee miller is in new jersey where one of the men lifted -- men lived. david lee? >> reporter: it was in a building behind me last night that a terror raid took place. the task force entered the building targeting where 20-year-old muhammad oreza
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lived. he lived with his family and landlord described the family as devout muslims but never saw anything suspicious. simultaneously ten miles away, another raid taking place targeting the home of 26-year-old carlos armante. both were arrested last night at j.f.k. airport as they tried to board two separate flights to egypt. presumably they were moving on to somalia. there are reports they wanted to join a terrorist organization based there and linked to al-qaeda. they wanted to go there to kill u.s. troops. both are expected to appear tomorrow morning in federal court to face charges of conspiring to commit acts of international terror. authorities say, chris, there was no imminent threat to the u.s. back to you. >> chris: david lee miller reporting from new jersey. thanks for that. now, the disaster in the gulf. here is where we stand as we begin day 48. you are looking live at the b.p. spill cam, which shows
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oil still surging into the gulf. as bad as that looks the head of b.p. says the new cap on the well is capturing 10,000 barrels of oil a day. still, the spill now reached 140 miles of coastline, from louisiana to florida. look at this, the size of the spill has tripled in the last month and is now bigger than the state of vermont. damage to one industry is even worse. the area closed to fishing is now larger than the state of utah. for more we turn to fox news correspondent steve harrigan in grand isle, louisiana. what is the latest? >> reporter: one sign of at least temporary progress, the head of b.p. saying now 10,000 barrels per day being picked up by that cap placed over the well, siphoned up to a tanker above the surface. if that is true, it would be roughly half of the amount currently spilling. of course, no permanent relief in sight until wells
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drilled in august. but in the last 48 hours more oil hit the shore. the state bird, brown pelican picked up by the dozens. low-tech operation. fish and wildlife officers surround the birds, catch them with nets and wash them with dish washing detergent. they're the state symbol and it's dramatic to see. also, the carcass of dolphins saturated with oil are washing up on shore. the spread of the spill continuing beyond louisiana to the outer barrier islands off mississippi and alabama. of course, florida's white beaches along the panhandle. pensacola now being hit with tar balls the size of hamburgers. along the gulf, despite three visits by the president, there is still a sense of palpable anger. >> you can't crab, you can't fish, you can't shrimp. we don't got fresh area. >> reporter: an ominous sign
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about how people here are betting against the future, some of the houses behind me, $600,000 for sale two months ago now slashed by a third, just $400,000. of course, when you have men in white hazmat suits in your front yard scooping up oil, tough to make a sale. back to you. >> chris: steve harrigan reporting from grand isle, louisiana. thanks. joining us now is the white house point man for the oil spill, admiral thad allen. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> hi, chris. >> chris: let's start with the report from the head of b.p. this morning that the containment well, the containment cap on the well is capturing 10,000 barrels of oil a day. is that true? >> that's true. they increased it to 10,000 over 6,000 the day before. >> chris: what percentage of the spill does it represent? do you agree with the head of b.p. once they adjust the cap, they're going to be able to capture 90% of the spill? >> it remains to be seen. i would establish that as a goal. we need to verify what is
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going on there. they need to slowly close the vents and optimize the amount of oil in production and we'll know for sure. >> chris: 10,000 barrels currently, what does it represent as percentage of the spill? >> we estimate low end 12,000 barrel of the day, to high 19,000 to 25,000 barrels a day. we have a way to catch up to the flow. >> chris: you're saying it could be 80% to 40%? >> these are rough estimates. one thing production allows us to do is get a handle on the flow measuring the production. >> chris: are there any more temporary fixes out there, or at this point once you get the cap firmly on and you close the vents so that that oil as we see isn't spewing out as much, are we going to have to wait for the relief wells in august? >> the final fix is the relief well in august. that is the right time frame. to mitigate the risk of that there is a second relief well being drilled in case there is a problem with the first. >> chris: so we'll see some version of what we are seeing on the spill cam from now until august? >> the seal along the containment cap has a rubber
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seal and we hope to get pressure off that. there may be oil leakage around the seal and we won't know that until we get to full production. >> chris: how encouraged should we be now that we have a cap on the well. it's capturing 10,000 barrels a day. you think it is going to go up. >> i give them a "noted." let's keep going. i have don't want to create any undo encouragem. underpromise and overdeliver. >> chris: incomplete. >> incomplete. >> chris: the oil has hit 140 miles of coastline from louisiana to eastern florida. what is your plan to keep the millions of gallons of oil now in the gulf from coming ashore? >> well, it's impacting 140 miles of coastline and it's much larger than that if you talk about the impact, because the entire coastline from central louisiana to port st. joe, florida, is potentially at risk. this is not a large monolithic spill anymore. it's aggregation of thousands
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of smaller spills that could come to shore any particular time based on wind and current. the front line is 300 to 400 miles. >> chris: what are you going to do to -- >> well, you can't wait for it to come to shore. some of it is going to get through. we have to understand that. we have to get offshore and scan and attack the oil as far offshore as we can. we have huge skimming armada right now and we have to get it offshore. if it comes ashore, nothing good happens. >> chris: there are now projections from scientific groups it will get worse, that the oil will get swept up in the current loop -- rather loop current in the gulf of mexico. as you can see here on the screen, it's going to get swept around the florida keys, up the east coast and possibly even to europe. how likely is that, admiral? >> the probability exists but a low probability right now. the eddie broke off at the top of the loop and it's moved further south in the last 8-10 days. so far now, not a near-term problem to get entrained in the loop but something we're watching closely.
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>> how satisfied are you with what b.p. is doing now? forgetting what happened in the past, are you satisfied with what b.p. is doing now in terms of one, drilling, dealing with the drill, with the well? and also with the clean-up? >> i think you have to divide it to three parts and look at the sub sea, what is on the surface regarding the oil and skimming, what we're doing there and on shore. at the bottom of the ocean, they are taking every step possible. i confirmed this with other industry leaders. these are the right steps to be taking. i had conversations with b.p. leadership and they need to get better at -- and they're getting better but they need to get better with the retail side, dealing with the public that has taken the hit on this. >> chris: how about the clean-up? how are they doing with that? >> we have more coast guard people out there to provide direct oversight of the contractors, it's improving. the cycle time from when it's on scene is improving. got to get better. nothing should be taken as good enough. it has to get better. >> chris: talk about criticism. bobby jindal criticized the
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federal government and i assume it includes you as the point man for taking more than two weeks to approve building of sand berms to protect the coastline, especially the marshes filled with wildlife in louisiana. we can see these heart-breaking pictures of the pelicans, now more and more of them drenched in oil. question: shouldn't you have moved faster? >> within 24 hours after the corps of engineers issued the permit to proceed, i told them they could proceed with a prototype project and with the direction of the president i convened a meeting last tuesday in new orleans. within 24 hours. >> chris: didn't it take two weeks from the time they initially requested the sand berms until you got the -- >> that was the analysis of the permit by corps of engineer to look at the environmental impact. i think it was a logical time to do that. >> chris: some people say look, you have the oil coming in. put up the berms. >> will are impacts. putting up berms cuts off water along the estuary. and the corps did not approve everything they asked for. >> chris: talk about another aspect of this. internal odds have been
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released that show within 24 -- internal logs have been released that within 24 hours of the explosion the coast guard knew the spill would be worse, perhaps as much as eight times worse than what b.p. and the government were telling the public at that time. there are also reports that the coast guard had access to b.p. spill videos for weeks at the beginning. and b.p. told you, told the coast guard that you couldn't make those public. first of all, are both of those true? >> from the outset of the explosion -- and i got a call within hour-and-a-half after the explosion occurred, we were preparing for a worst case discharge. i've never held any credibility with the 1,000, 5,000 or even 8,000 by one of the staff officers making the estimate. we prepared for larger than that. it did not constrain our response. >> chris: but the coast guard internal log said you their it would be 8,000 barrels a day when b.p. and the government was telling us only 1,000 barrels. >> that was an estimate by an officer. i gave direction personally we should be prepared by worst case scenario and we
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were never constrained by the 1,000 scenario. >> chris: what about the b.p. spill videos? did coast guard have access to the video for a couple of weeks and told by b.p. not to make it public? >> i'm not aware of that. we have access of video and asked them to release to public. i'll check into it and make a statement. >> chris: there was report they gave videos and they said it's proprietary information. >> i'll check it out and make a statement. >> chris: the big question is who was really in charge in the first days, the first weeks of this disaster? b.p. or the government? and if the government; particularly, the public had known just how bad the situation was right from the start, would we perhaps, we the government have responded faster? >> well, this started out as a search and rescue case. we had the explosion, the extraordinary tragic loss of 11 lives. for 48 hours we were involved in search and rescue when the drill sunk, we mobilized eve every asset for the catastrophic response.
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after the exxon valdez, there was oil pollution act of 1990, the way we respond to have b.p. is a structure that was mandated by congress due to exxon valdez. we'll change it as necessary to meet this anomalous event we're dealing with now, but the notion that b.p. is responsible party and hires contractor is a structure created by congress in 1990. >> chris: was b.p. responsible from the beginning? >> we're accountable by oversight but b.p. is the responsible party. the government is accountable. frankly, i'm accountable. >> chris: let me ask you about that. who is in charge of the government response? who do you report to? >> secretary napolitano and the president. >> chris: so who is in charge of saying we'll do this today, not doing that? >> i'm the national incident commander and i consult with the secretary and president and we take the advice of the secretary, secretary salazar, looking at the technical issues associated with houston. but the final call has to be made to the coordinator by
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law. >> chris: that's you? >> yes. >> chris: admiral allen, thank you for coming in. good luck going forward. >> thank you. >> chris: now get reaction from one of the leaders along the gulf coast, mississippi governor haley barbour who joins us from the state capital in jackson. how badly has your state been hit from oil washing up on the shore and also the impact on small businesses from hotels, to fishermen who have been impacted by this spill? >> well, the truth is, chris, we have had virtually no oil. if you want the mississippi gulf coast anytime in the last 48 days you didn't see any oil at all. we have had a few tar balls but we have tar balls every year, as a national product of the gulf of mexico. 50,000 to 750,000 barrels of oil seep in the gulf of mexico through the floor every year. so, tar balls are no big deal. in fact, i read that pensacola or the florida beaches when they have tar balls yesterday didn't even
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close. they just sent people out to pick them up and throw them in the bag. the biggest, the biggest negative impact for us has been the news coverage. there has been no distinction between grand isle and venice and the places in louisiana that we feel so terrible for that have had oil washing up on them. the average viewer to this show thinks that the whole coast from florida to texas is ankle-deep in oil. of course, it's very, very bad for our tourist season. that is the real economic damage. our first closure of fisheries in mississippi waters came just earlier in week after about 45 days. so it may be hard for the viewer to understand, but the worst thing for us has been how our tourist season has been hurt by the misperception of what is going on down here. the mississippi gulf coast is beautiful. as i tell people, the coast is clear. come on down! >> chris: okay. we got the message, governor. how do you think b.p. and the
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administration have responded to the oil spill and the clean-up so far? >> well, look. you know, governors have a little bit different attitude about things like this than washington. washington, everybody is playing the blame game, who is at fault? governors, we're trying to solve a problem. we're working the problem here. you interviewed admiral allen, who by the way, we think the world of. he came in here after katrina and did a great job. what we're doing is we've got five layer defense of mississippi's barrier islands and beaches where we recruited 1200 vessels. and yesterday, and today we'll have 250, 350 vessels a day out front of the barrier islands, like a picket line, sentinel line. and then when we find some oil, which we have only done twice, we get out there and we try to catch it before it comes on to mississippi. >> chris: but governor -- >> that's what -- >> chris: i'm not asking the
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blame game but i have to ask you, you have been on the national political scene a long time. do you think president obama has shown leadership in managing this crisis? what do you think of the argument he needs to demonstrate more anger toward b.p. and more concern toward the residents of the gulf? >> the american people want problems solved. and they don't need republican politicians like me piling on. the american people are making up their minds pretty clearly about what they think of the administration's performance in this disaster. and i'll let it stand at that. you know, napolean said never interfere with the enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself. people don't need me to pile on or talk about what the administration is doing or about to do. i'll say this. when we asked them to do something, when we ask admiral allen for something, they try to do it. when we ask b.p. for something, they try to do it. there is no satisfactory response until they get that
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well shut in. and no more oil coming out. and we find out what caused this to happen. >> chris: let me -- >> our future is critical to know why this happened. >> chris: absolutely. that gets us to the next point. louisiana governor jindal is criticizing the obama administration for putting six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling until they figure out what has happened. do you agree or think he's off-base calling for continued drilling? >> he is exactly right to call for continued drilling. let me say a couple things. in the last 50 years, the four states allowing offshore drilling in the gulf, mississippi, louisiana, texas, alabama, more than 30,000 wells have been drilled in the gulf of mexico. this is the first time in that more than 30,000 we have ever had anything like this happen. about 30% of america's production of oil and gas coming out of the gulf of mexico. if you shut this down, don't kid yourself. you are not shutting it down
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for six months. these big oil rigs -- by the way, b.p. and transocean are not even american companies. in six months, the oil rigs aren't going to be sitting around the gulf waiting. they'll be in west africa, indonesia, in china, and drilling oil wells elsewhere in the world. and the loss of production that we're going to suffer will make us even more dependent on the middle east, on venezuela, on people that aren't our friends. let me tell you one other little thing environmentalists ought to think about. the ten worst oil spills in american history, seven of them were from ships. seven of them were from ships. >> chris: but governor -- >> we have more oil coming in -- >> chris: governor, i have less than a minute left. i want a quick answer to this, if i can. the white house says until they figure out what happened, a question that you asked, and how to make sure it doesn't happen again it would be foolish to let the oil companies, including b.p., drill new deepwater wells. >> well, i disagree with
9:20 am
that, because the alternative to that is we've shut in 33 wells. just kind of in the middle of production. who knows if they will ever come back. and we're going to push all the equipment away. we're not going to have it to drill here. now, if we were drilling more on shore, if we were drilling more in alaska, you can say okay, we can take a longer break in the gulf. but don't think six-month moratorium means six months. it will mean more than that. >> chris: we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. pleasure to talk to you. >> thank you. >> chris: coming up, latest in the israel and gaza. we have more after this break. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle.
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>> chris: on saturday, israel intercepted another ship challenging its blockade of gaza. this after israelis boarded a turkish ship earlier in week and in violent confrontation killed nine of the protesters. joining us is the israel ambassador to the u.s., michael oren. welcome to "fox news sunday." >> good morning. >> chris: there are reports that your government is now considering ways to ease the blockade and two ideas that are being seriously considered are one, either to create an international naval force that would stop ships,
9:24 am
so it wouldn't be israeli versus protesters confrontation, or to have the ship stop first at foreign port to be inspected. are both of those ideas on the table? >> first of all, let me say we regret all the casualties in the incident. particularly, the israeli casualty from those beaten over the head, thrown overboard and sustained severe injuries indeed. we're open to any ideas of how to somehow deal with the gaza situation. keep in mind, an international force failed in lebanon to prevent hezbollah from tripling the rocket arsenal. we're talking about hamas here. they are sworn to destroy israel and has fired 10,000 rockets -- >> chris: i know. i'm asking about the blockade, sir. are you trying to come up with a way to remove the flashpoint from the blockade while still protecting your -- >> all i can say is we're open to any ideas, but there is no simple idea. if the sea lanes are open to hamas in gaza, they will acquire thousands of rockets that will threaten every
9:25 am
single citizen in the state of israel. also kill the peace process. >> chris: along those lines there is a report out of iran today that the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini supporters are saying that the iranian revolutionary guard stands ready to provide a military escort to any ships headed to gaza. your reaction? >> the reaction is israel will do whatever it takes to defend itself from hamas terror. >> chris: if revolutionary guard provides military escort? >> israel will do what it has to do to defend 7.5 million israelis. >> chris: the other big issue is how to investigate the confrontation in which yes, israeli soldiers were hurt, but also nine people on board the ship, protesters, activists, militants, whatever you want to call them were killed. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is now calling for an international commission. will your government go along with that? >> israel is a democracy.
9:26 am
israel has the ability and the right to investigate itself not to be investigated by any international board. i don't think the united states would want an international inquiry into its military activities in afghanistan, for example. >> chris: so are you rejecting the idea of an international commission? >> we are rejecting the idea of international commission and we're discussing with the obama administration the way in which our inquiry will take place, but the notion of an international commission coming along and judging israel's right to defend itself, that's not -- >> chris: when you say you are considering ways where the israeli investigation will take place, are you considering or will you agree that there should be international foreign participation in it? >> this is an ongoing discussion in the israeli government. but at the end of the day, israel has the right, the duty at the democracy to investigate any military activity. >> chris: it turns out that one of the nine people killed on that turkish ship was a young man named dogan, a
9:27 am
teenage who held u.s. citizenship. according to turkish officials he was shot four times in the head and one time in the chest at close range. how is that consistent with the israeli account of the incident? >> israeli account of the incident is that we had no choice but to board the ship. the ship was too large to stop by technical means. our soldiers came on board the ship armed with paintball guns and they were assaulted with iron bars and knives and we believe with firearms. two of our soldiers suffered gunshot wounds and our soldiers are trained to protect themselves. they had sidearms and they used the sidearms only to save their lives if necessary. >> chris: if it was such a case of extreme self-defense how does a man get shot four times in the head and one time in the chest at close range? >> we only have turkish sources to rely on this and they have not been impartial party in the episode. having said that, when a soldier is put in
9:28 am
life-threatening situation he takes steps necessary to defend his life. >> chris: secretary of state clinton made a tough statement the day after the raid and killings took place. watch. >> the situation in gaza is unsustainable and unacceptable. israel legitimate security needs must be met just as the palestinians' legitimate needs for sustained humanitarian assistance. >> chris: hasn't this incident complicated u.s.-israeli relations, which were already tense? >> well, relationship with the obama administration throughout the episode has been very close and very cooperative and very open. we are discussing ways in which we can address this complex gaza situation. but the administration understands that hamas armed with thousands of rockets, not only threatened 7.5 million israelis but the end of the peace process, chris. you understand that the palestinian authority will collapse and this administration as much as it's committed to israel security is committed to
9:29 am
seeing historic peace between israel and palestinians. >> chris: on the other hand, you say it's been close and cooperative, the state department continues to stay before this incident took place that they urged caution on israel. and you deny that. >> we did not receive messages of that nature, but we received messages on ways to induce the turks to try to dissuade this ship from trying to break the blockade. >> chris: if i may, put up on the screen. p.j. crowley, the state department spokesman said this, after you were denied any advance warning. "we express to the israelis the need for caution and restraint in dealing with civilians, including american citizens." >> i'll say again that particular message did not come to us, but other messages did. again, we were in close cooperation and communication with the obama administration. i'll say personally throughout this entire episode days of work with the administration, i never heard one word of criticism, not one rankerous comment at all. >> chris: we only have a
9:30 am
couple minutes left. two comments, one, iran. even some of your friends is saying this has served to take the focus off iran. the u.s. is trying to get tough sanctions on iran through the u.n. instead, everybody is talking about israel. also turkey, one of your few allies, israel's few allies in the middle east. you've been tough on them and said they are turning away from the west, there is growing anti-semitism there. they are demanding public policy. >> i'll address the iranian issue first. what iranian issue has to do to provide rockets and military equipment to hamas is beyond me. we know there is an energetic effort in the u.n. to pass sanctions by next week and we are confident can it will happen. as for turkey, with sadness. turkey was a long-time friend of the state of israel, but their policies changed. our policies hasn't changed. turkey embraced iran and embraced hamas and with great
9:31 am
sadness, we want to preserve our relationship with turkey, but they have taken a different direction. we will welcome any attempt to shore up our relationship with turkey. >> chris: briefly, will israel exceed turkey's demand to apologize for the role in the incident? >> turkey will not apologize for taking the step necessary to defend the citizens and not apologize for measures necessarily taken to defend lives of our soldiers. >> chris: ambassador oren, thank you for coming in and answering our questions. please come back, sir. >> thank you. >> chris: up next with criticism mounting over white house handling of the oil spill and two political deals that went sour, has the celebrated obama team lost its magic touch? the sunday panel has answers after a quick break. the gulf spill is a tragedy that never should have happened. i'm tony hayward. bp has taken full responsibility for cleaning up the spill in the gulf. we've helped organize the largest environmental response in this country's history. more than 2 million feet of boom,
9:32 am
30 planes, and over 1,300 boats are working to protect the shoreline. where oil reaches the shore, thousands of people are ready to clean it up. we will honor all legitimate claims, and our clean-up efforts will not come at any cost to taxpayers. to those affected and your families, i'm deeply sorry. the gulf is home for thousands of bp employees and we all feel the impact. to all the volunteers and for the strong support of the government, thank you. we know it is our responsibility to keep you informed and do everything we can so this never happens again. we will get this done. we will make this right.
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the laws are inadequate, the laws will be changed. if oversight was lacking, it will be strengthened. if laws were broken, those responsible will be brought to justice. >> chris: president obama in his weekend address, trying once again to get out ahead of the gulf oil spill. it's time now for our sunday panel of fox news contributors. bill kristol of "the weekly standard." mara liasson of national public radio. former white house press secretary dana perino. and juan williams also from national public radio. i think it's fair to say, bill, it was a tough week for the president. growing criticism over his response to the gulf oil spill. growing controversy over the
9:36 am
white house offering jobs to two democrats in colorado and pennsylvania to try to get them out of contested primaries. suddenly, the new narrative in washington is that the wanted obama team is a bunch of bumblers. fair? >> no. "i" think it's a good idea -- let me defend the obama staff guy, the staff gets too much credit and too much blame. ultimately, president obama made the decision about how to handle this gulf oil crisis. i do believe that when he says he personally has been running this from the first day, that is my impression talking to people close to the white house. he is only, he has confidence in his chief of staff and deputy chief of staff and told them to clear the field in these senate races. he's the one to give the cairo speech a year ago, year and two days ago, that didn't work out in the middle east. and his stimulus package. not a problem of public relations or the communication team isn't doing a good job getting the message out, but a problem with the policies.
9:37 am
>> chris: there is also a question -- interesting that turned from a compliment to an insult. [ laughter ] but i mean it's also a question of crisis management, isn't it? >> first of all, you talk about two different things. crisis management on the gulf, definitely. that is something beyond their control. the other things that they have -- >> chris: the way to manage it wasn't beyond it. >> no. no. but this was a big unprecedented problem. the other thing that happened to them which got criticism about the political operation was the job offers to joe sestak and romanoff in colorado. that was unforced error. completely. i think. i separate the gulf into a different category. the fact is, that was a ham-handed political act, something that has been done by every single administration in the past to clear the field for an incumbent or favored candidate. then they waited inexplicably long time to explain what happened. when they did, at least in sestak, they didn't answer all the question. it's morphed and we have seen
9:38 am
the movie before. it's now morphed into a call for an investigation. this is what happens in washington. i haven't talked to any expert who thinks something criminal or unethical occurred. however, the department of justice is going to be under pressure now to investigate it, if only to clear the air and make sure no statutes were violated. and i don't know if they are going to resist the pressure. it's always kind of the cover-up or the stonewall that gets you. >> chris: dana, mark pen, hillary clinton's top strategist in the 2008 campaign has written an essay for huffington post. let's put up part of it on the screen. "president obama's political career and clout have never been in a more perilous state. voters across the country are wondering if they underestimated the value of experience and crisis management as important attributes for the president." allowing for some sour grapes coming from the 2008 campaign, this is coming from a top democratic strategist. >> right. he is not the only one. but he says it very well and
9:39 am
i should say i have a working relationship with mark. and when i read that, it reminded me of going back to the campaign. it all came down to the question of who has the most experience? when you are in a campaign, that is a communications effort. you are convincing people to vote for you. governing is very different. i remember in the election, listening to all the candidates and thinking they're probably going to have to eat some words once they start governing, because it's a lot different. i think they found that out. >> chris: what do you think the last couple of weeks demonstrated about the ability of the obama team to govern? >> i think a couple of things. one is the self-inflicted wound with romanoff and sestak. i want to disagree with mara where i know that everybody is saying this happens all the time. but the quid pro quo and offering a job is very explicitly against the law. i do think because they erected this cloud of suspicion over them, the best thing they could do for themselves politically in the long run is have an independent review. then from a communications standpoint they could say
9:40 am
there is an independent review. we're focussed on the middle east, economy, whatever they want to focus on, instead of having the distraction. >> chris: wait a minute. we have an independent review of valerie plame and monica lewinsky. those didn't work out well for the white houses. >> it's a waste of time. it's incredible indulgence. it's the kind of things that makes americans furious with washington, finger-pointing and blame-gaming. everybody knows politics happens in washington. the problem here is this is an administration as hillary clinton famously pointed out, you may not want to have answer the 3:00 a.m. call. they have tremendous vision about the legislative achievement and specific things like healthcare, going forward on immigration, and the difficult issues for america that america so far has failed to deal with. when it comes to the crisis, when it comes to the gulf oil spill, the wars, the recession, they feel as if it's being imposed upon them, rather than taking the helm. that's what americans are sensing here. i think it's the source of
9:41 am
their problem at the moment. are you able to handle a crisis in a convincing way that inspires confidence>> chris: so far, the president hasn't done that. some say he should go in a rage. i don't think that's who obama is. i think he is a cool character and admired as part of meritocracy in america. a lot of americans are blaming the president. >> chris: we have another thing to discuss and less than two minutes. in the case of the white house offering jobs to democratic candidates and whether it was illegal or improper or unethical or just dumb, the website politico said it was a mixture of richard daley, the famous machine boss mayor of chicago and barney fife from the "andy griffith show." the white house was trying to play hardball politics and they offered the jobs and the guys ignored them. on the one hand, they look like they are cynical and politicians. on the other hand they look hapless. >> i'm sorry if i'm slow in
9:42 am
responding but i'm still so stunned by juan williams just throwing the obama administration under the bus. >> a wonderful moment here on "fox news sunday." >> i think we should relish it for a couple of seconds before i answer chris' good question. >> telling the truth. >> you're right. telling the truth is great. i totally agree. not up to managing the serious crisis and dealing with the fundamental challenges out there. otherwise he is a good president. in terms of it would have helped if you are going to put weight behind arlen specter in a primary in pennsylvania, it would be helpful if arlen specter won the primary. bad to muck around politically, and that are losing now andrew romanoff in colorado trailing bennett, the appointed senator. he seems to be using the white house attempt to pressure him in the primary to try to gain ground on the incumbent. >> chris: i was going to say, to a certain degree both of the democratic insurgents, sestak and romanoff are using as capital the fact that they stood up to the white house.
9:43 am
>> yes, but both of these stories came up kind of inadvertently. romanoff and sestak didn't go out and say look, they offered me a job and i rejected it, i'm independent. >> chris: sestak didn't say it in the interview. >> he answered a question. he answered a question. but the ironic thing is i agree with bill. it would have been better if you go out to try to do something, what is it? if you go to try to kill the king you better kill him. effectiveness is better than a reputation for ethics. but in pennsylvania, in the end, they might have ended up with a better candidate. you can't say it's better if arlen specter had been nominated. look how damaged he was. sestak has a better chance. romanoff is trying to improve his image and say look, i rebuffed their offer, but it's a problem of their making, and an independent investigation always morphs to something bigger and you
9:44 am
get into obstruction. more of a headache than it's worth. >> chris: right, we have to take a break. but when we come back, new job numbers send the stock market plummeting. we'll ask our panel if even tougher economic times are ahead. that's a low price! wow! that's a low price! wow! that's a low price! i'm sorry. did you say something about a low price? wow! that's a low price! i know! [ male announcer ] see for yourself. staples has low prices on everything you need for your office. staples. that was easy. (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage...
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this is the fifth month in a row that we've seen job gains. this report is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day. >> chris: president obama talking up the latest numbers friday showing the economy added 431,000 jobs, but the stock market as you can see had a very different reaction, plunging 323 points, more than 3%. we're back now with our sunday group. here is why the stock market took such a dim view of the job numbers in may. let's put it up on the
9:48 am
screen. 400, yes, 431,000 jobs were added, but only 41,000 of those were private sector employment. all the rest were government census hires and they're temporary. dana, how much do those numbers undercut president obama's effort to sell economic recovery? >> a lot. they had a bad week and then friday they had disastrous jobs report. one thing that stood out to me, earlier in the week, obviously a coordinated effort because president obama and vice president biden and the press secretary, and even president obama prepared remarks from the teleprompter talked up the jobs report early in the week and said we expect a good jobs report on friday. then it wasn't a good jobs report. they did nothing to temper that back, even if they had known 24 hours ahead of time they could have dialled back expectations, but they chose not to. now remember all the 400,000 people that have temporary jobs will be laid off this summer.
9:49 am
so going into november, it looks perilous, with the oil spill, deficit, healthcare reform and this now, a weak private sector job market, they are in serious trouble. >> i think there is some good stuff here, manufacturering was up. longer work week for people. look, this administration didn't create the recession, like they didn't create the war or spill the oil. but they're having to cope with the crisis. in terms of what we're seeing on the jobs side, i think there is real intransient on the hill. are they willing to put in more stimulus spending to ensure we don't suffer or fall back into another double dip that some are worrying about? which is why you see reluctance on part of the private sector employers to do hiring? 40,000 jobs were added but people expected more. in combination with what we are seeing in greece, hungary and european instability, it makes people nervous. that is not a result of anything the obama administration is doing.
9:50 am
i think it's just a result of world events and not a time i think for finger pointing so much as a time to come together and make hard decisions about what is needed in terms of political impetus to stimulate the economy once more. >> chris: are you going to come together or finger-point? >> finger-point, of course! >> juan is the only person in america who thinks if the government goes further in debt it will encourage private sector to hiring more. we are coming out of the recession but the obama policies are burdening the economic recovery and slowing it down. taxes are going up. the healthcare bill is a big burden on employers. the recent decision to shut down the ongoing deep drilling in the gulf is going to put people out of work. those are just facts. it's not one economist in the country who thinks the obama administration policies are making it easier for the private sector to hire. they are discouraging hiring and as a result we are having sluggish recovery. >> i don't think they're
9:51 am
discouraging -- >> it's the republican argument. now the white house and other economists say without the stimulus bill, the economy would have been worse. that is not a very satisfying political argument to say things could have been worse. but the fact is everyone was surprised by the jobs report. people expected something better. if this is a blip, if this is just a one-month dip and then it recovers into its slow but steady not completely satisfactory but going in the right direction process, i think the president will be okay. but if this is a sign we'll have a double-dip recession he has a tremendous problem. the single most important issue for mid-term election is the economy. >> chris: let's talk about this in the context of the mid-term elections. the general political wisdom is there is a lag time between when the economy does start to pick up and people see it and act on it. which is one of the reasons that george h.w. bush lost in 1992. people have generally said they've got to begin to turn this around and people have to begin to feel it by august or september at the latest.
9:52 am
we're getting close to august, and it doesn't look that good. >> that's why i think the oil spill actually hurts them. 9.2 million jobs, i believe it is, in the american petroleum industry. that's how many americans work in industry. if we send signals shallow water drilling is on limits, back on, in 24 hours they had three different statements from the administration. these are capital projects where you have to spend a lot of money. if they are not going to be able to do the projects they will go elsewhere and it won't be america. those jobs won't come back. >> it's incredible to me that the right on one hand says we need more drilling and then wants to blame people when you have drilling that results in a terrible historic oil spill. >> i'm not blaming anybody. >> okay. take that into account -- so you want drilling that were ecological disasters? >> anyone who might support
9:53 am
production is the villain and the consumer is the angel. >> no. but you have to at some point say big business and big oil has to be held accountable. >> i think they are willing to have more regulation. >> the other thing is obama's targeting all the industries, which gets them a short-term political help i suppose. it's bad for the economy. i'm not a big believer of psychological factors normally but now they're saying tough policies and then you're demonized. healthcare industry, financial industries, oil industries, there are a lot of industries shying away from expanding and takes risks because god knows whether they'll be in the crosshair of obama administration in the next few months. >> are you criticizing the -- >> no, the policies and are they going to invest in deepwater drilling -- >> chris: what is the argument if things stay relatively the same that the obama administration is going to be able to make to the american people in the fall campaign about the economy? >> you are saying if things
9:54 am
stay the same as this last jobs report? >> chris: the way they are now. >> it will be very -- look, they are going to make an argument they turned the corner, that it is going in the right direction and of course it isn't good enough. not unlike ronald reagan. he weathered a mid-term not unlost this and lost the historic average of seats. in the teeth of a very big recession and he wanted to stay the course, and if the economy can get back to where it was in the previous month and continue going in that direction, they have a better argument. >> chris: thank you, panel. see you next week. don't forget to check out the latest edition of panel plus where the group here continues the discussion on the website, we promise we'll post the video before noon eastern time. up next, power players of the week.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> it's become a tradition around here to sample some of the advice college graduates are getting at the commencements. the speakers this year include a television star, the president, and a super bowl quarterback. and they are all our power players of the week. >> they say that experience is what you gain when you don't get what you want. and i can promise you that over the next few years you will gain experience. you will not always get what you want. you will face adversity. but know that the sky is the limit as to what you can all accomplish. >> now, don't get me wrong. i love making money. i love it. really, i love it! you have to remember, you
9:57 am
will more likely find the pot of gold if you follow your passion, are driven to succeed and open to learning more as you go. >> respect others. know that they are most likely afraid, just like you. in fact, the more arrogant and the more forceful they become, i have found the more afraid they really are. >> years from now when you return here, when for you the shadows have grown longer, i have no doubt that you will have added your name to the book of history. i have no doubt that we will have prevailed in the struggles of our times. >> what you do for yourself in life dies with you. what you do for others lives forever. i do believe the lord puts on this earth to make a positive impact. to make a difference in other people's lives. >> no matter whether your
9:58 am
first job is the receptionist or the president of the company, work hard every day to be your best and pursue excellence, because people will notice and new opportunities will come for your pursuit of excellence. >> if you somehow get that documentary edited on a shoestring budget and then it's accepted at sundance and then maybe it wins sundance and then you go on to be nominated for an oscar and then you win the oscar, i guarantee you, someone you know or love will come to you and say, "will you address the graduates at my college?" [ laughter ] >> chris: and our best wishes to the class of 2010. and especially to their parents. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next "fox news have a great week. we'll see you next "fox news sunday." captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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